It’s Poke Loa Season in New Orleans!

Summertime in New Orleans evokes thoughts of countless festivals, live shows, days at the park, picnics at the Fly, and of course, eating and drinking around town. When we have all these great events and activities to look forward to, it goes without saying that despite the heat, New Orleanians love their summers. So, as we settle into another relaxing summer, Poke Loa is here to announce the beginning of Poke Loa Season in New Orleans!   Read More

Finding the Perfect Acai Bowls in New Orleans

There are a lot of food trends that come and go in New Orleans, but one popular dish that is here to stay is the healthy and refreshing acai bowl. The acai berry has been heralded as a delicious and highly nutritious fruit with a unique and flavorful taste. Serving this fruit blended in a bowl with a host of other nutritious and beautiful toppings makes waking up in the morning a whole lot easier. Acai bowls look a lot like ice cream and even have a sweet taste that is similar to that favorite dessert. However, unlike ice cream, you won’t regret eating a bowl. Finding the perfect acai bowls in New Orleans shouldn’t be difficult, so learn more about Poke Loa’s tasty offerings.   Read More

Is Poke Gluten-Free? How Poke Loa Makes Healthy Food for All

One of the most popular questions we get is, “Is poke gluten free?” With an endlessly customizable menu and unlimited toppings, Poke Loa is proud to offer gluten-free poke bowls to all who request them. At Poke Loa, we craft each bowl to specifically fit your own unique dietary needs. Read More

Can You Eat Poke While Pregnant? Finding the Perfect Poke Loa Bowl for a Mom That’s Expecting

Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is incredibly important. During this time, your body needs extra vitamins and nutrients to not only ensure your health but your baby’s health as well. Many people ask us, “Can you eat poke while pregnant?” The short answer is, yes of course! But it’s important to know what you’re eating and where it came from. Poke Loa offers fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a huge variety of flavorful combinations so you can always find a healthy meal that matches your dietary needs. Read More

Is Poke Keto? Poke Loa Offers Delicious Food That Matches Your Diet

Poke bowls are designed to be some of the healthiest meals you can find for lunch or dinner. With delicious fresh proteins like tuna and salmon and a wide variety of locally sourced and freshly cut vegetables and other toppings, Poke Loa is quickly becoming the go-to restaurant for those looking for a healthy option. One of the most popular diets followed today is the keto diet. As more and more health-conscious diners walk into our restaurants, we’re constantly hearing them ask, “Is poke keto?” Poke Loa strives to create healthy poke bowls for every customer in New Orleans, and every bowl can be customized to match your dietary needs. Read More

What is Poke? Poke Loa’s History of Poke in New Orleans

Hawaii is known for its white sandy beaches, gorgeous volcanic mountains, and impressive surf breaks. But another popular draw to these beautiful islands is the unique and mouthwatering food scene that is full of delicious fresh seafood dishes. Of all the cuisine you can find when vacationing in this paradise, traditional poke is surely going to be one of the most memorable meals you’ll experience. Read More

Healthy Catering in New Orleans at Poke Loa

oke Loa should be your first choice. Skip the fried foods and sandwiches and go with a delicious option that won’t weigh you down. At Poke Loa, Louisiana’s original poke restaurant, we serve fresh fish with the freshest toppings of fruits and vegetables. Each bowl is flavored with our own homemade sauces you won’t find anywhere else. Our unlimited toppings allow you to design something new every time you walk into our restaurant. Now, we’re taking Poke Loa right to you with our Poke Loa catering. We’ll deliver our unique poke experience straight to your next event, whether it’s a work lunch, birthday party or casual backyard luau. You’ll be able to provide your guests with a beautiful Hawaiian-inspired meal. Read More

How to Make the Perfect Poke Bowl at Poke Loa

With so many toppings and ingredients, there’s no right or wrong way to make the perfect poke bowl at Poke Loa. We provide one of the most customizable fast-casual dining experiences in the greater New Orleans area because of the way our menu is structured. For those who are new to Poke Loa, we’ll explain how the ordering process works. And for Poke Loa experts, we’ll provide some tips and tricks to maximize and perfect your poke bowl. Read More

Best Poke in New Orleans

Finding the best poke in New Orleans is all about picking the restaurant that uses the freshest ingredients. In your busy world where lunch may just be a quick protein bar or pre-made meal, Poke Loa offers a delicious respite with its locally caught fish and freshly cut fruits and vegetables. At Poke Loa, we let our flavors do the talking, which is why we offer unlimited toppings and endless customization. Read More