Best Poke in New Orleans

By Poke Loa March 4, 2019

Finding the best poke in New Orleans is all about picking the restaurant that uses the freshest ingredients. In your busy world where lunch may just be a quick protein bar or pre-made meal, Poke Loa offers a delicious respite with its locally caught fish and freshly cut fruits and vegetables. At Poke Loa, we let our flavors do the talking, which is why we offer unlimited toppings and endless customization.


The Best Poke Contains the Best Fish

Because poke is made with raw fish, it’s important to know where your food is coming from and how it’s prepared. Fish is a great source of protein that’s full of important nutrients. But to get these great benefits, you need to have the best quality fish. From farm-raised to sushi-grade, fish can come in different levels of quality and flavor. In New Orleans, we’re able to take advantage of our location and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico by partnering with local suppliers. With poke’s rise in popularity, we know that cutting corners with our choice of suppliers would mean that we couldn’t deliver the best poke in New Orleans. Poke Loa buys fresh fish from the Gulf that’s delivered daily from New Orleans Fish House and other local vendors.


Poke Loa’s Poke Process

Original Hawaiian poke recipes were never prepared the day before and stored for future meals. We follow along with this longstanding tradition to make sure that each poke bowl has a unique and delicious flavor.


Our fruits and vegetables are cut each day so they retain their flavor and physical structure. We even have a range of delicious sauces that are made in-house. In fact, Poke Loa also offers our popular Agua Frescas during the summer heat. They are freshly squeezed in-store drinks that are the perfect compliment to your poke bowl.


Best Poke in the Garden District, Downtown New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

With multiple locations in the greater New Orleans area, you don’t have to travel far to find amazing poke. Our restaurant on Magazine Street is Poke Loa’s flagship location. The first poke restaurant to open in Louisiana is located right in this bustling shopping district.


Our New Orleans Central Business District location is a prime lunch spot. At Poke Loa, we want every employee downtown to have access to healthy and fresh food daily. Whether you’re catering for an office meeting or trying to grab a healthy bite on your lunch break, our downtown Poke Loa location is just two blocks from the Superdome.


Poke Loa has made a name for itself just outside of New Orleans as well, with locations in Metairie, Mandeville and Elmwood.


Poke Loa Caters

If you can’t make it into one of our locations, we can also bring the Poke Loa experience to you with our full catering service. Contact us for more details so you can enjoy the best poke in New Orleans!