Elmwood Poke Loa


Elmwood Poke

Poke Loa uses local ingredients, fresh fish, and hand-cut ingredients to give Elmwood a taste of this delicious Hawaiian dish.

Our Elmwood restaurant is located inside the Elmwood Shopping Center, giving you easy access to local, healthy cuisine.

If you’re looking for a high-quality dining experience from Louisiana’s homegrown poke restaurant, stop by our Elmwood location today.

With daily deliveries of fresh fish and produce, Poke Loa promises the best poke experience in the city!

Poke Loa
Phone: (504) 266-2978
Hours: 10:45 AM – 9 PM, 7 days per week
1212 S. Clearview Parkway

Harahan, LA 70123

Make Your Own Poke Loa Bowl

The original Hawaiian poke dish consisted of select seasonings mixed in with various chopped fish. Today, with many culinary influences, our Poke Loa bowls have become a delicious customizable meal with over 15 mix-ins and flavorful house-made sauces. Our Elmwood location offers a variety of different proteins including fresh fish, cooked shrimp, tofu, and other items to add to your bowl so you can create the perfect lunch or dinner. Can’t make up your mind? Why not try one of our fresh signature bowls, such as our Salmon Bowl, which are specially put together in minutes. Most importantly, our bowls can be designed to fit any palate or dietary restriction, so they’re perfect for all your friends and family. Come in and ask us how to create your own special Poke Loa bowl!

Try the Freshest Catering in Elmwood

Having a business meeting, party, or event in Elmwood? Poke Loa provides full-service catering for events of different sizes. Our professional team brings Poke Loa directly to your home or office so you can experience fresh, local ingredients wherever you are in Elmwood! Learn more about our easy catering options below.

Catered Poke Loa Bowls

Enjoy Poke Loa’s fresh ingredients without leaving the comfort of your event or space. Poke Loa offers a full poke buffet serviced by an experienced professional who prepares customizable bowls in the convenience of your own space. Choose between our regular or large poke bowls with all the mix-ins you’ll find at any of our Poke Loa locations. You can also choose from one of our premade bowls and have them delivered ready to eat!

Catered Soft Drinks & Tiki-Style Cocktails

Your catered Poke Loa bowl includes a wide selection of specialty drink options, some of which are not included on the in-store menu. Ask how we can service your event with liquor, beer, wine, and sake. We also have a themed menu of Tiki-style cocktails and refreshing fruit juices. Or, you can always choose from our selection of agua frescas with popular flavors by the gallon that include lemonade, pineapple cilantro, and watermelon cucumber. We can also provide bottled water, freshly brewed teas, and canned soft drinks for your event.  

Don’t live in Elmwood? Find a Poke Loa location near you!